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Recommended Acceptance Procedure

The recommended steps for accepting students is as follows:

  • The acceptance procedure begins once a school has received all the required information and data including conducting the student interview (if applicable).  
  • As applicant information is received, modify the applicant's status as appropriate and then change the application status to Decision Pending.  We also recommend the following Status Codes:
  • Status Codes are set under Modify Settings | Manage Settings   

Change Application Status and Generate Acceptance Code

The next step involves changing the application status,  generating an Acceptance Code, and Exporting student information for a mailmerge letter.

Change Application Status and Generate Acceptance Code

  • From the Applications Menu, Choose Bulk Status Change
  • Filter by Application Status and YOG, and Score (be sure to choose is greater than or equal to filter and set the appropriate score

  • Place a Check Mark (1) next to the applicants that you would like to accept.  Alternately, you can select the Select All Box.  (2)
  • IMPORTANT:  Filter students PRIOR to using the select all box.  Otherwise,  you may accidentally change unwanted students
  • Change Application Status to Send Decision Letter (3)
  • Check Generate Acceptance Code (4)
    • The Generate Acceptance Code check box will generate a unique code for each accepted student.  The Acceptance Code, along with the student's UserName can be used by students to indicate acceptance by the student (explained in detail later).
  • Press the Change Status (5) Button.
  • Refer to the following image for more detail.

Export CSV file for mailmerge letters

This step involves exporting accepted student to a csv file that can be utilized by your favorite word processing software for a custom accepted letter.

  • From the Applications Menu, choose Manage Applications.
  • Filter Records based on YOG and Status.
  • If using an Acceptance Code, Drag the Acceptance Code Field onto the grid.

  • Export the list along with student address information using the Export CSV With Address Button
  • Once the acceptance letter is generated and mailed,  you can use the Bulk Status Change feature to change the applicant's Status to Decision Letter Sent
    • If you do use Bulk Status change DO NOT press the generate Acceptance code Checkbox again, because it will change the original code and generate a new code.

Send Acceptance Email

This option can be saved for a few days following the mailing of the acceptance letter, or sent in conjunction with the acceptance letter.  We do not recommend just sending an acceptance email in case the applicant's email address is invalid, blocked, or not viewed regularly.

  • From the Applications Menu, choose Mass Email/Download and Email Applicants

  • Filter the Applicants to email
  • Check the boxes next to the Applicants to email
  • Add an appropriate Subject
  • Create the Email Body
    • Utilize the appropriate Merge Fields to send a link that the student can click on to accept electronically.
    • IMPORTANT:  Merge Fields are case sensitive, must be in brackets and entered Exactly.
  • We strongly recommend sending a test email first.
  • Once the test email is verified press the Send Email Button.

Students can accept using the special link  http://[school] along with their UserName and Unique Acceptance Code

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